Jim Smith Photography
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To Jim Smith and his crew who made the pictures look alive and tasty...a flavorful experience.
— Fritz Sonnenschmidt (world renowned chef)
Jim Smith has worked with me for all my projects for more than 30 years. His work is such an important part of these books that he is truly a partner in their development.
— Wayne Gisslen (renowned chef and author)
Jim Smith has unending patience, and is a font for ever new and exciting artistic ideas about presenting food.
— Arno Schmidt
After viewing the rich details of Jim Smith’s photos, I’m pleased to say that they not only portray the artistic highlights of our galleries, but often capture the fresh ideas and imagination that filled my father’s life.
— Diane Disney-Miller
Yesterday someone asked me what was wrong... “are you suffering from Postpartum-photoshoot depression?”. Of course the answer was yes... you guys have been so wonderful to work with... I am sure that you guys will be the mark to beat. I would prepare for some hate mail from anyone who comes in to shoot the museum after you as I am sure that we will be saying “Why can’t you guys be more like Jim Smith”.
— John Stroh (The Walt Disney Family Museum)
Jim, you’re the most polite photographer I’ve ever met.
— Bridget Moynahan