Jim Smith Photography



Again and again Mohonk Mountain House has outsourced all their visual needs to Jim Smith Photography. This amazing destination, celebrating 150 years of hospitality, is on the list of National Historic Landmarks. Set atop the namesake peak along the Shawangunk Ridge, the resort is a crown jewel of this 40,000-acre parcel of land. Mohonk Mountain House lends itself to all levels of outdoor activities as well as state of the art luxury accommodations. The rich details of Jim's photography capture the timeless quality of this spectacular site and its ever-changing setting throughout the seasons. The images draw out the nostalgia of times gone by as well as presenting the inspiration for future visits.


Located in the Hudson Valley, the United States Military Academy at West Point dates back to 1802 and is the nations oldest service academy. From across the nation, the young people accepted for admission to West Point have been bestowed with an exceptional honor.

Rich in tradition, the evolution of West Point is captured in its architectural masterpieces filled with history. And it's colorful and lively campus filled with cadets. The West Point images created by Jim bristle with the excitement of the vibrant atmosphere to be found throughout the United States Military Academy at West Point. They showcase West Point for what it is, a completely human endeavor filled with pride, dedication, and determination. Image after image, both iconic and illustrative, Jim Smith's photography brilliantly captures the colorful history and the living magnificence of West Point.


Walt Disney was a true visionary who, starting with Mickey Mouse, transformed animation into an art form. He later turned his remarkable visionary mind to feature films, environmental motion pictures, television, theme parks. The superb Walt Disney Family Museum showcases everything Walt Disney brought to the world of entertainment. Jim was hired to capture the magic of Walt himself as it is perfectly showcased by the Walt Disney Family Museum. Part of Jim's formidable achievement was to take illuminating and exciting photographs that not only paint a vivid portrait of the museum, but also Walt Disney himself.

As Walt's daughter, Diane, said, “After viewing the rich details of Jim Smith's photos, they not only portray the artistic highlights of our ten interactive galleries, but often capture the fresh ideas and imagination that filled my father's life.”



Working with Wayne Gisslen, author of numerous cookbooks, Jim has created a formidable library of culinary images from all stretches of the world of gastronomy. A pioneer in how we envision our food, Jim took culinary photography to new levels during his years of work with the world-renowned chef.

To make food look as delicious and delightful on a page as it is in real life is no easy task. These images show how two practiced talents can make a 2D image come to life.


Across America rich and diverse restaurants are home to some of the best chefs in the world. These amazing culinary destinations sustain us and delight us. In some of these wonderful establishments Jim has worked as a food photographer for over 3 decades. Celebrated as one of the best restaurants in New England, ON20 holds only the highest standards for it's cuisine and presentation. Jim brings those same standards of high quality to every image he creates for them. When asked to capture the character of each exquisite plated dish, Jim is always up to the task of photographing magical food with his magical imagery.

In the heart of the business district of Hartford, Connecticut Jim's work for ON20 is the living embodiment of the old adage, “You eat first with your eyes.


In the world of Culinary Arts there is a mystique around making pastry, cakes, breads, and cookies. The skills and the knowledge of the professional baker and educators dispel the mystique in classrooms and kitchens around the world. Le Cordon Bleu has been an international leader in teaching contemporary patisserie. An extraordinary educational tool they have used is step-by-step visual instructions and showcasing finished culinary masterpieces, made possible through Jim's delicious photography.

Jim has worked internationally with Le Cordon Bleu creating thousands of images for a number of their books. Just as professional bakers are happiest when they're baking and professional educators are happiest when sharing their knowledge, Jim Smith, an extraordinary food photographer, is happiest when he joins these professionals creating timeless images of their classic cuisine.


When it comes to culinary procedures it's often the case that one picture is worth a thousand words. Jim has mastered the art of creating award winning procedure shots for the many cookbooks he has worked on. His beautifully photographed visuals make cooking instructions easy to follow.

His photographs are immensely educational because the viewers right hand and left hand are the chefs right hand and left hand, leaving no doubt the proper way to make chocolate candy, peel tomatoes, braid bread, and much more. Flexibility, good taste, and creativity are evident in all of Jim's procedure shots.



From hiking in the Blue Mountains to horseback riding on the pristine beaches, Jamaica is a place that calls to all who live with a spirit of adventure. That sense of adventure can be found wherever you go throughout the island, exploring hidden waterfalls, traversing the jungle terrain, and even when enjoying the Jamaica's rich history. Jim carries with him that level of daring needed to exceed all expectations for each and every Jamaican assignment.

Of course, with all of the fun, sweat, and grit of a work day, it's nice to be able to return to a sun-streaked beachside abode to rest. But even when the lap of luxury calls, Jim works to capture the spirit of this magical place well after the amber sun has set.


Paris, famed for its beauty, it's lights, and the sense of desire it instills has been the allure of many an artist for centuries. With subjects such as delicious food, heavenly cathedrals, breathtaking museums, and the intoxicating café scene, Jim's images raise these stereotypes into fine art form.

Paris as a photographic subject is irresistable. Jim shows us his imagination through the lens of his camera by bringing together a collection of lush and intriguing images in the spectacular Parisian setting. As often as time allows, Jim visits Paris to capture more of the essence of this jewel of a city.

While these are a sample of his personal work, Jim always aims to bring the same level of heart and soul when working with his clients. He will continue to pour his high levels of energy and enthusiasm into any project.


Graycliff acts as a welcoming reprieve from the bustle of Nassau. The colonial mansion is a gem in the setting of the Old Quarter, an escape of pure and unique relaxation. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, Graycliff is an oasis for anyone traveling to the Bahamas.



Meridian Teterboro, a place that travelers return to, time and time again. Imagine a journey that beautifully starts at the airport. Meridian perfectly balances luxury, relaxation and the best in business travel. It’s Private Air Charter at its finest. Meridian offers FBO Services, Global Air Charter at the highest standards, and state of the art Management Services for all aircraft owners. Traveling with Meridian makes any and every journey spectacular.


It's a big world out there. The easiest, and certainly the most extraordinary way to see it is luxury air travel. Jim's been in business with private airlines for decades, helping to promote this choice method of transportation for millionaires the world over. Focusing on the professional, refined, and advanced aspects of aviation, his images give an air of accessability and draws in a larger audience for a seemingly out of reach goal of personal flight travel.

Such a luxury demands an experienced and professional photographer to capture all of the nuance involved in personal air travel. Jim brings both experience and professionalism, and much more, to each shoot. Whether you're trying to capture the experience of air travel, your new FBO, or the sale of a private jet, Jim has the experienced eye for detail needed to bring out the best in all of it.

1712 HOUSE

Set on 80 historic acres, 1712 House blends 21st century comforts with 18th century charm.  Completed in 2002, the Inn has six unique guest rooms. A delicious breakfast, cooked just for you, is included each morning.  All this set within eighty acres of rolling fields, mature woods, ponds and clear mountain streams.

Jim's photography brings out all of the best aspects of this delightful house in its idyllic setting, creating a scene that one can hardly resist visiting.


Sloan Architects, P.C. has established their reputation as one of the most well-respected and versatile firms in the Hudson Valley and the northeast. Recognized for their ability to take into account every aspect of a project, Sloan Architects has garnered such clients as the Anderson Center for Autism and Vassar College, as well as many other commercial and residential projects.

Their attention to detail, versatility and eye for design brought them to Jim Smith Photography. Jim's similar taste in aesthetic of clean professionalism with an imaginative eye, hit the perfect note that Sloan Architects needed when it came to marketing their skillful and thoughtful architectural work. 


Rich and restrained, elegant yet comfortable. Jim's room interiors capture homes nobody wants to leave. No wonder he is sought after by discerning clients to showcase lovely residences throughout the Hudson Valley. Jim and his crew stage each interior and the effect is spare, yet sumptuous. His images are atmospheric, intimate and relaxed.

Jim uses existing light enhanced by subtle strobes that time and time again create an attractive ambience. The common factor is simplicity, warm textures, and good photography. And that's the heart of it, the elusive art of photographing environments where people enjoy life. Jim has emphatically mastered capturing real room interiors.



It's been 15 years of calendar creations, bristling with creativity and imagination. This annual artistic endeavor begins with the lowly calendar which becomes a yearly work of art. We are proud to present this years calendar, Keeping Tabs. Keep us in mind for any promotional project you come up with. Whatever you dream up, we can do.


I proudly present this year our 2019 calendar called “Collections”. It’s a nod to the wonderful things that people collect. Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I’ve found that certain months resonate with the elderly population and many a senior says “That’s right! My grandmother had a button jar.” It was an absolute joy to create the Collections Calendar. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.