Jim Smith Photography




March 19


I have some exciting news! For 20 years the Affordable Art Fairs have provided open and friendly expositions showcasing the very best in affordable and contemporary art. Every Fair I have ever attended was filled with amazing works as well as a passionate and enthusiastic crowds of visitors. The Fairs are international and are held in cities like Brussels, Milan, Singapore. Amsterdam. Hong Kong and New York!


This Wednesday The Affordable Art Fair NYC returns to the Metropolitan Pavilion for its Spring Fair welcoming over 70 local, national and international galleries to exhibit the contemporary works of over 300 artists.


I am honored to be one of the artists exhibiting in this year's fair! I am exhibiting with the Julio Valdez Project Space.

I will be exhibiting a collection of black and white photos from my Warriors project. The images are powerful and poetic with a haunting viewpoint. I have heard people call them stunning and memorable. This thrills me.


" I always feel Jim's work is about the passage of time and the art of seeing beauty in the most simple but mysterious ways. I was thinking, I could live without this kind of beauty in my life, but why would I want to?”


I have been asked how I create such beauty and power in a photograph, which is nothing more than a printed piece of paper. I am not sure I can tell you. But I will try.


I ask a friend to model. I think about images but I do not overthink them. I do not decide on exact concepts. I would see doing that as a “lock down” - derailing being spontaneous and original. I gather simple props. I make coffee, play music and the model and I work very hard but also enjoy the process. As soon as the work seems false or difficult, I stop. I believe the creative process has to stay lightweight even if the emerging images are mysterious unknown enigmas.


For me, the first rules of photography are: You can't be truly artistic without a few unfailing command of your potential” You must add a weather – be - damned attitude and a sense of humor that just won't quit. Put these together, work hard and there it is – ART.


I have come to believe a "dare to be different " principle doesn't just apply to actresses or models or performers or photographers. It'ssomething of a universal truth for everyone on this planet who wants to live a full life!


My process and my images - I hope you can embraced them, celebrate them and shine by my side ! That would make me happy.